About Me

As a dedicated Software Engineer, I specialize in developing innovative mobile and web-based applications that blend functionality with user-friendly design. My passion for technology drives me to constantly explore new advancements and improve my skill set, ensuring that I deliver cutting-edge solutions for my clients and projects.

In addition to my tech career, I am a part-time radio presenter, where I get to indulge my love for music and connect with audiences on a personal level. This dual role allows me to combine my technical expertise with my creative side, making me a well-rounded professional with a unique perspective.

Whether I'm coding the next big app or sharing the latest hits on air, I am committed to excellence and dedicated to making a positive impact in both the tech and entertainment industries.

What I'm Doing

Mobile Apps

Professional development of innovative and user-friendly applications for iOS and Android, tailored to meet client needs and deliver seamless user experiences.

Web Applications

Expert creation of robust and scalable web applications using the latest technologies, ensuring high performance, security, and exceptional usability.


Specialized in designing and implementing efficient and secure APIs, enabling seamless integration and communication between various software systems.


Passionate about capturing moments through the lens, offering professional photography services that range from portrait and event photography to commercial shoots.

Radio Broadcast

Experienced in producing and hosting engaging radio broadcasts, with a focus on delivering high-quality audio content and creating memorable listener experiences.

Digital Advertisements

Creative design of digital advertisements, including posters and portfolios, to effectively communicate messages and promote brands through visually appealing and impactful graphics.